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Part One - Self Publishing Foundations (26 min.)
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(Note: This webinar was produced in 2015. Some of the information, such as CreateSpace, has changed)




  • Welcome / Introduction to Webinar

  • About Bryan Hudson

  • Survey of webinar interface and navigation

  • Discussion of accounts needed for publishing

  • What is a publisher? What is self-publishing? Managing expectations

  • Technical foundations for book & e-book publishing

  • Essential software & hardware (basic & advanced)

  • Overview of publishing support services: CreateSpace, LightningSource, Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, R.R. Bowker

  • What about publishing services?

  • About manuscripts and author responsibilities

  • Print book layout standards

  • Print-on-demand book production workflow

  • Working with CreateSpace

  • Working with LightningSource

  • Print book fulfillment methods

  • E-book production workflow overview

  • Marketing, promotion, distribution options for self-publishers

  • Managing Costs


This webinar provides an introduction to print book and e-book production and publishing. Learn basic techniques for book and e-book production and publishing. Gain real-world insights on independent self-publishing, on-demand printing, and fulfillment. This webinar utilizes Internet based and digital documents.  Participants will have access to all materials via download.

What you need to know before the webinar: 

Participants must have core competency in using computers and online services. Highest quality publishing and production will require the expertise of others such as editors, graphic designers, and publishing consultants.

The workshop is optimized for a laptop or desktop computer. Mobile smart phones or tablets such as iPad may not be suitable, since most of these devices do not support multiple windows.

A fast Internet connection is essential (1Mbs or faster)

Verify that your computer audio is adequate for listening to the webinar.


Webinar Objectives | You will be able to: 

  1. Setup a publisher account

  2. Obtain & manage International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN)

  3. Recognize realistic marketing and distribution options/expectations as an independent or self-publisher

  4. Gain clarity about self-publishing vs. vanity publishing

  5. Develop useable manuscripts

  6. Execute print and ebook production workflow

  7. Work with editors and designers

  8. Implement print on demand (POD) basics

  9. Determine and deploy print book and e-book formats 

  10. Utilize the dominance of

  11. Recognize features of POD vendors like CreateSpace and LightningSource

  12. Manage publishing costs


Publishing Support Services:



R.R. Bowker

Xulon Press

Lightning Source

CreateSpace (An Amazon company)

Kindle Direct Publishing

WinningEdits editing, creative & publication services (There are many firms like this)

Book Editors Google Search

Vision Communications (Bryan Hudson’s company)



Useful Articles:

Self-publishing a book: 25 things you need to know 

Self-Publishing & Vanity Publishing: Confuse Them and Pay the Price

Understanding the prepress format PDF/X-1a


Recommended Applications:

Adobe InDesign

Open Office  (Microsoft Office alternative)

Microsoft Office

Apple Pages

Adobe Acrobat Professional

PStill Pre-Press PDF Conversion App



Print-On-Demand Publishers: A Comprehensive List

AuthorHouse: With over 60,000 titles in print, AuthorHouse assigns every author a publishing consultant and boasts of an “author-centric” mentality.

Booklocker: A small team in business since 2000 present their publishing options as low-risk, low-cost alternatives to other digital publishers.

Bookstand Publishing: Since 1996, Bookstand advertises offering more for your money—more copies, more illustrations and more control.

CreateSpace: A merger in 2005 became CreateSpace, an Amazon company that offers POD services and a variety of formats for books, music and videos.

Dog Ear Publishing: A small, enthusiastic digital publisher, Dog Ear offers its authors personalized service, industry experience and distribution guidance.

Fultus: Fultus offers authors the opportunity to try out services before paying, welcomes international authors and advertises no hidden costs.

Infinity Publishing: Infinity has published over 6,000 titles since 1997 and is dedicated to making the publishing process as simple for authors as possible.

iUniverse: Founded in1999, iUniverse offers authors in the U.S. and Canada an experienced team and strategic partnerships in the industry.

Lightning Source: Offering several publishing options, Lightning Source was started in 1997 and holds several environmentally friendly certifications.

Llumina Press: Defining itself as authors for authors, Llumina Press offers a variety of publishing options, as well as editing and marketing services.

Outskirts Press: Outskirts Press appeared in Inc. 5000 as the fastest-growing POD publisher (’09 & ’10) and offers highly customizable publishing options.

PublishAmerica: PublishAmerica positions itself as a traditional publisher using POD technology; it does not charge publishing fees.

Rose Dog: A part of Dorrance Publishing, Rose Dog advertises a “lowest fees” guarantee for POD services.

Tate Publishing: Christian-based publisher Tate Publishing prides itself on only publishing the best (that is, four percent of submitted manuscripts).

Virtual Bookworm: Virtual Bookworm is a self-proclaimed authors’ “clearinghouse” and publishes only approved books since 2000.

Wheatmark: Started in 1999, Wheatmark strives to combine quality content, access to publishing and savvy marketing for the success of its authors.

Wordclay: Wordclay makes its POD services as simple and user-friendly as possible, offering step-by-step directions for the whole process.

Xlibris: Xlibris has more than 20,000 titles in print and allows authors to publish with them while still sending their manuscripts to other publishers.

Xulon Press: A subsidiary of Salem Communications, Xulon Press helps Christian authors self-publish, market and distribute their Christian books.




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